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The Luxury Collection Certified Indigenous

Experience the world through the eyes of the renowned concierges of The Luxury Collection in the third volume of The Luxury Collection book series, The Luxury Collection Certified Indigenous. Each concierge from the more than ninety Luxury Collection hotels has prepared a customized indigenous experience for a vibrant twenty-four-hour tour in their city. Organized by morning, afternoon, and evening recommendations, discover the culture, environment and cuisine in each locale. From hiking the beautiful Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles, enjoying a horse-drawn carriage ride at the majestic Plaza de Espa.a in Seville, or visiting the magnificent Taj Mahal in Agra, to restaurant and shopping recommendations plus much more, no corner of the world is left untouched. This invaluable guide, illustrated with over 200 beautiful images, is the perfect companion for every travel adventure.

Dimensions: W 7.59 x L 10.9 x D 0.86 in

160 pages

200 illustrations

Released in June 2015

Hardcover with Jacket