Timber 01

Timber 01, a family of enduring furniture pieces reimagined in elm and teak timber. Taking inspiration from early modernist furniture designs and the French Art Deco movement, the collection showcases a return to craftsmanship, exploring playful hand carved details and sculptured forms that lean on a bold and elemental design approach. Evoking an evolution of materiality and artisan finishes, Timber 01 uniquely captures the CLO design values and artistic direction.

'The collection’s charm lays in the details. We wanted to create simple yet special details for each piece, allowing each design to hold its own personality, adding character in to a space.'

— Chloe Tozer, CLO Studios Founder and Creative Director

'The introduction of the mocha stain really makes the timber come alive. I love mixing timbers and the two stain options were tested to work together. I love how rich these pieces feel, it’s like they have always belonged.'

— Chloe Tozer