CLO Boutique, Noosa Heads

Our Ethos

We strive to inspire and fuel the future of Australian design, and leave a lasting impression on the minds and imagination of our community.  Our ethos is illuminated in everything we do — shining through the careful curation of our Boutique, and enlightening every Atelier design. 

CLO Showroom, Noosa Heads

We are forever in awe of the talented team that provide intimacy and warmth to our work. CLO is proud to nurture a future in the Australian design industry with women at its core.  

CLO is committed to cherished relationships with customers, clients and creators. We respect and nurture any aesthetic vision, and honour the culture and character that defines each space. We are in awe of the exceptional artistry that radiates from the bespoke products we source worldwide, and share a lasting connection with the artisans who craft them.

CLO Boutique, Noosa Heads

‘Our team members become extended members of our family. We often refer to them as the CLO family.’

Chloe Tozer, Creative Director  


CLO Studios was originally conceptualised by mother and daughter designers Trudy and Chloe Tozer.  

Combining Trudy’s extensive interior design experience and Chloe’s established background in Fine Art & Jewellery, a rare multi-disciplinary partnership was forged.  

CLO is now embodied by Chloe’s innate curiosity, and courageously intuitive approach towards design. 

A lover and collector, she’s captivated by the history and culture that inspires artists worldwide. From the momentous art and design movements of Bauhaus and Art Deco, to the rich and vibrant colours of Morocco, Chloe’s captivation lies in the ancient sculptures, old books and treasures that are waiting to be discovered.  

Enriched by the intricate narratives behind bespoke pieces sourced from distant corners of the globe, Chloe is driven by a desire to create cherished spaces. She embraces the significance of space as a sight for comfort and connection, and strives to provide clients with interiors that will reignite the beauty of their everyday rituals.  



Our Noosa based Boutique showcases a rare selection of artisan furniture, jewellery, fine art and homewares, sourced from or inspired by our immersive travels across the globe.  

We present bespoke pieces created by local makers, international artisans and luxury brands, alongside The CLO Core Collection — a curation of custom in-house designs.

Carefully drawing from the Boutique’s expansive product offering, our talented team of stylists can expand the possibilities of your space with our Boutique Styling consultations at our Noosa Boutique, or virtually.

“It’s beautiful to see pieces come together from around the globe to create a unique aesthetic and energy.”

Chloe Tozer, Creative Director 


CLO’s Interior Design Atelier offers an intimately tailored and comprehensive experience. Celebrated for our custom luxury residential and commercial concepts, we design interiors that weave a narrative, and carve spaces to tell a story. 


Meet the heart and soul of CLO. Our ever talented team is grounded by CLO’s strong family foundations, and fuelled by an innate appreciation for design. 

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