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Single Line Rug

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Handmade in Morocco by Beni Rugs, the Single Line Rug is a simple and timeless design. Featuring a single repeated terracotta stripe, this 100% wool rug will elevate any space.


Materials – 100% Natural Wool
Dimensions – 2.4 x 3m / 2.7 x 3.7m
Colour – Terracotta/Fawn

Made entirely by hand from 100% natural wool, which means there will be natural (and beautiful) variations in pattern and color.

Each Beni rug is handwoven and then washed and dried in the mountain air. As natural wool may shrink in this process, final dimensions can vary slightly.

Beni celebrates imperfection and the charm of the hand. In an age of mass-produced products, each Beni rug is always slightly different from the rest – these are soulful objects that are made by humans - from the shearing of the fleece, to the weaving of the knots, to the final washing. Usually, one weaver is assigned to every 3 to 4 feet of rug, with a team working in tandem, spending weeks at a time with each order. A handwoven rug brings an instant substance, weight, and coziness to your space.

Beni Rugs are made from 100% natural wool fibers. All natural fiber rugs will shed, especially in the beginning. Regular vacuuming in the first couple of weeks will help significantly to quickly reduce shedding.

The durability of your Beni Rug doesn't have to do with the amount of traffic it endures, but rather how often you clean it. Dirt that accumulates in a rug can shred the fibers, which causes the rug to degenerate over time. With regular cleaning, Beni rugs can (and do) last for decades.

Please visit our care guide for more information on how to care for your piece.

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