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  • Utopia II
  • Utopia II

Amanda Shadforth

Utopia II

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A miscellany of precisely balanced regular and irregular rectangular 3D prisms, semicircular formation, and circular centred apex with unique perspective from every angle. Alabaster Hued finish.


Dimensions –
40 x 58 x 50cm (WxHxD)

Materials –
Plaster on Polymer on an American Oak Base


Amanda Shadforth is an accomplished fine artist who specialises in paint and sculpture. Working in the medium of oil on canvas and mixed-media sculpture, she creates still-life studies of the commonplace told through her distinct lens. Inspired by nature and found objects, Shadforth plays with the notion of purpose and repurpose to paint tableaux in striking photorealism and creates sculptures that challenge tangible perception.Shadforth’s abstract realist works merge the Dutch Masters’ skilful documentation with the playfulness of the Surrealists, and echo the Bauhaus movement’s simple precision. Subconscious arrangements that offer objectivity and establish harmony without human intervention. Shadforth strips objects of their original function and assigns a new raison d’être in her intimate examinations of the everyday.For a decade, Shadforth refined her curatorial eye documenting the world of fashion, both as a creative director and photographer. She achieved international success with her visual narrative works for luxury brands including, Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton. Shadforth offered an outsider's perspective to the fashion establishment, a sentiment and aesthetic she continues to convey through her artworks.Shadforth’s return to painting and sculpture signifies the resumption of a career in the fine arts, which has been met with acclaim. In 2020, she exhibited at Sydney’s prestigious Jerico Contemporary, and in 2021 received the Sunshine Coast Art Prize People’s Choice Award for her artwork, Between a Rock and A Hard Place II.

Position the piece in a safe space, and keep it away from direct sunlight. To dust the Oak base, please use the microfibre cloth included in the dust bag. An occasional beeswax polish to the Oak base will ensure your piece remains in great condition.

Please visit our care guide for more information on how to care for your piece.

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