• Terracotta Amphora 01
  • Terracotta Amphora 01

Pan Pottery

Terracotta Amphora 01

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All Pãn Pottery is hand made by Angus McDiarmid using a traditional wood fire kiln, kick wheel and hand dug local clays. Each amphora is unique as the clay and fire decide the finish.

The Amphoras have an ancient history and feature in so many countries. The functional form allows them to be used for making wine, storing olive oil and even grain.

They are thrown in coiled sections on a kick wheel and fired in my wood fire kiln at Lake Weyba for 26 hours to a temperature of around 1,050 degrees celsius.The terracotta clay is dug straight from the ground and is completely unrefined, traditionally this clay was used for terracotta bricks.


Material - Clay
Dimensions –
White Amphora 3 (Large): 48 x 73cm (DiaxH)
Terracotta Amphora 2 (Large): 47 x 80cm (DiaxH)

All Pãn Pottery objects are hand made using traditional methods and hand dug local clays, therefore slight variation in size, colour and tone may occur, making each item unique.

“I source the majority of my clay from around 5 – 20 km from my home studio. I hand process the raw clay as I want the natural beauty of the local materials to come through in my pots. The clay is soaked, sieved, dried and aged for at least 12 weeks. I then blend in another Australian clay to create strength and consistency resulting in a superior pot. A collection of wood, rice hull and bamboo ash are used in the glazes creating a deeper connection with the local environment. All of my pots are thrown on a kick wheel overlooking Lake Weyba and Noosa Hill.

I wood fire in a Catenary Arch kiln and traditional Japanese kiln called an Anagama, the energy that goes into wood fired pots is truly incredible. The wood firing takes place over four days with temperatures reaching over 1300°C. The magic of this process is created by the ash from the wood, as the ash lands on the pots surface it becomes the glaze! Every pot in a wood fire is completely unique!”

- Angus McDiarmid, Pãn Pottery

Due to the hand made nature of Pãn Pottery pots please take care with your item to avoid chipping and breakages. Over time some glazes may form fine line cracks. This is known as crazing and is a characteristic of the glazes used. Crazing does not affect the durability of the item.

Please visit our care guide for more information on how to care for your piece.

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