“It’s about letting down your boundaries and experimenting with design. It’s finding your own groove and not being influenced by trends.” – Chloe Tozer, CLO Studios Founder and Creative Director

Trends are constantly evolving, shaping the way we create and impacting the way we experience our interior spaces. From Quiet Luxury to Eclectichic, interior trends seem to fall into a spectrum of contradictions, and that’s kind of the point. We use trends to inspire our point of view and drive us into the future, while curating our own unique aesthetic and energy.  

Here, Chloe Tozer, CLO Studios Founder and Creative Director, unravels the interior trends she’s loving, viewing them through the lens of longevity rather than the temporary or fleeting. Reminding us that tapping into our own style and allowing ourselves to collect meaningful, one-of-a-kind pieces will never go out of style 

Quiet Luxury

We’ve all heard of quiet luxury in the world of fashion, and we are obviously thrilled that it has begun to creep its way into our interior vocabulary. When we think of quiet luxury, naturally, timeless, vintage design, layered lighting, and natural materials come to mind. Pieces that stand the test of time. 

Quiet luxury is also about dreaming about how you want your space to feel; how can a space make the everyday feel a little more luxurious. In our design office and atelier, free standing desks face inwards to the room, rather than being attached to a wall. It’s much more inspiring to work on a desk that allows you to look up and out”, says Chloe. 

“It's about finding joy in the smallest things in your home, like baking bread and letting the aroma’s filter through. Setting the table for unexpected dinner parties and foraging in the garden for flowers to decorate your home for the weekend. It’s about lighting candles rather than having the lights on at a dinner table."

Vintage and One-of-a-Kind 
Within CLO’s Design Office, beautiful antique and vintage pieces are woven throughout, with old design books layering the walls, adding special points of touch within a modest space. A kitchenette tap found on a buying trip to Morocco provides a nostalgic energy.

Layered Lighting
Lighting is the simplest way to make a space feel more luxurious. In the home, natural light is always the preference, second to this is layered lighting. Wall lights over downlights, candlelight over any light,” says Chloe. “Lighting is everything for a space. It sets the tone and the mood." Think brass candle holders with a beautifully aged patina, textured ceramic sconces, or a handwoven free-standing floor lamp.


Over the last few years, we have seen a return to craft and the handmade, perhaps a way to feel connection through separation. In a post-pandemic world, craftsmanship continues to infiltrate the interior landscape, with individuality and one-of-a-kind interiors reigning supreme.

Rendered walls, handloomed rugs and handcrafted marble desks – these are all ways Chloe embraces craftsmanship to create a warm, timeless space that is one-of-a-kind. 

“It’s investing in natural materials that will age and patina overtime and being ok with that. Investing in quality and artisanal products rather than mass produced.”

Textured walls 
Textured walls frequently appear in CLO’s Design Office and Atelier, as well as throughout Chloe’s own home. From custom rendered shelves filled with art and collected inspiration in the Design Office, to the washed pink walls in the Atelier bathroom, textured walls are a mainstay in the spaces Chloe inhabits. 

“The art of a human hand creating texture, something a machine could never achieve. Never to be replicated twice,” says Chloe, of her love for textured walls. “Textured walls create visual interest, depth and dimension within a space. Rendered walls enhance ambience and character.”

Custom Furniture
We love mixing one-of-a-kind vintage pieces with more contemporary forms in high quality materials, such as rich timber and marble. In CLO’s Design Office, a three-metre antique teak desk from Indonesia, compliments two custom marble desks, designed in house and crafted locally in Noosa, Australia.

“For our marble desks, we worked with a stone mason and local woodworkers to craft these beauties. They are pieces we will cherish forever,” says Chloe. “We love working with artisans to create custom furniture for our projects. It gives you endless opportunities with creativity.”  

Bursts of Colour

With interior trends such as Scandi Maximalism and Eclectichic cropping up over Instagram and TikTok, colour is having a resurgence, and we for one, are here for it. Colour brings energy, so when we are looking to revitalise our spaces, colour is the perfect place to start. No matter where you sit on the colour spectrum, there is a way to introduce this to your interior that feels right to you.  

“Colour makes me feel alive, it gives a space personality. When bringing colour into a space, be brave.”

Soft furnishings 
Sculptural accessories in colour clashing hues or soft furnishings in a bold stripe are what we are reaching for to inject modernity into our spaces. Texture is another great way to introduce colour, whether it is a handloomed rug or boucle cushion, texture and colour are a perfect match. “Last week when a fabric supplier asked me what colours I love, I was quick to mention purple and green together, red and yellow, and orange and blue,” says Chloe. “Bringing together contrasting colour partnerships, because why not?”  

“The love of my love, art.”

Art tells a story and adds to the timelessness of an interior, giving a space a unique personality and character. The CLO Atelier and Design Office is filled with Chloe’s love of art. From beautiful hand painted pieces from our Boutique artists to collected works overtime, art is ever present. If you're new to colour, pay attention to the artworks your eye is drawn to. This is the time to allow your heart to choose, and a low stakes way to introduce colour to your space.