“Don’t let your art dictate your life, create the life you want to live and your art will flow from there.”  

We spend a sunny afternoon at home with potter, father and friend of CLO, Angus McDiarmid of Pãn Pottery, at his home-come-studio in the beautiful Noosa shire. We chat fatherhood, cycling through South America, and the broad sources of inspiration that have all led him to create the beautiful life he shares today with his wife, Bridget and their two boys.

Captured beautifully on film by photographer, Andy Staley

 Tell us a bit about yourself...

I’m currently inspired by Gilies Peterson, Nicholas Daley, Julie Byrne, Hasseb Iqbal, Coco Maria, Vernacular architecture, Agnes Martin, Bossa Nova and Barbara Hepworth. Curious about David Abram, cooking with fire and starting a radio show. Currently reading Gabriel García Márquez, Patti Smith, David Abram and Jorge Borges.

What led you to create Pãn Pottery?

When cycling through South America in 2011, specifically the Cordillera region, I fell in love with the people, their homes and way of life. They made all the items in their homes imbuing them with deep meaning. I realised I wanted my life to be creative but also craft based where I could constantly be learning and growing.  

On my travels, I was drawing pottery forms in my journals but it was only when my wife, Bridget and I arrived in India and stumbled by a sequence of chance events upon a traditional pottery that everything connected. I studied in India for 7 months before returning to Australia to study with wood fired potters. I love and am inspired by making functional and durable pots from local materials, the traditions I am connected to through this and the life the craft creates.  

Where do you draw your inspiration for your collections?  

The immediate surroundings I live in; the Wallum ecosystem, Lake Weyba, Noosa National Park. Music is a huge source of inspiration; Gilies Petersons, Hasseb Iqbal, Coco Maria, Nabihah Iqbal radio shows and the shows on Worldwide FM, NTS and others. Architecture, traditions of craft culture and community, and cooking with fire are also huge inspirations. 

Best part about Fatherhood?

Seeing the way the boys think and express themselves. Exploring their environments and interacting with them in it. They come into the pottery studio many times a day, I love being able to share moments of our days together.  

How do you like to celebrate Father’s Day?  

With my beautiful wife and boys, on the beach in the morning then home to eat delicious food cooked on the fire. 

Favourite space in your home?  

Life revolves around our kitchen and dining table where we share breakfast, lunch and dinner together, I love those moments! The bush surrounding our home is really special. I love seeing all the animals and the plants in season, our little veggie garden and the bird life.

Best advice you’ve ever received?  

When I travelled down the east coast of Australia, studying with wood firers I remember being told “Don’t let your art dictate your life, create the life you want to live and your art will flow from there.”  

What are you most proud of?  

Creating a life that my family and I get to share in the joy of every day together. 

From your Pãn Pottery collection, what would you gift a father in your life?  

The Potters Mug! It’s our largest mug, perfect for big cups of tea or coffee in the morning! 

What’s next for Pãn Pottery?  

We are excited about our upcoming open studio event in October!

Film Photography by Andy Staley