In the world of interior design and homewares, the careful selection of timber holds the power to shape the ambiance and aesthetics of a space. 

At CLO Studios, we love the captivating interplay between teak, elm and vintage timber, unveiling the possibilities that emerge when these timbers intertwine to create warm and inviting spaces, each with their own unique interest and character. 

We are excited to share and uncover the artful composition of mixing our favourite timbers. Enhancing the beauty and functionality, and discovering the benefits of blending timbers together, to add another layer of visual interest and highlight the beauty that timber crafts within your space. 

'I love the rich and honest nature of elm. It makes a space feel warm, and lived in.'

Chloe Tozer Founder & Creative Director

Embrace the beauty of Elm. Elm timber is known for its unique grain, patterns and warm, honey-toned hues. It adds a touch of elegance and organic beauty to any space. Elm is the perfect timber to mix with both light and darker tones, an ideal choice for a versatile interior aesthetic. 

Our CLO Studios Elm Round Dining Table, with its timeless beauty, ages gracefully and can be seamlessly styled with dining chairs in vintage or teak timbers. This unexpected pairing achieves a sense of balance, adding depth to each piece and an effortless refinement to your space.  

'I find mixing timber makes a room feel inviting rather than being too expected.'

Teak timber is renowned for its durability and timeless appeal. Its rich golden-brown tones add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room. With antique characteristics, teak has the ability to blend smoothly with various design styles, both indoors and outdoors alike. 

Enjoy mixing more traditional teak timbers with contrasting materials and textures like leather and rattan. For a bit of playful fun, introduce your favourite art and contemporary styling elements such as ceramic vessels with intriguing shapes and colours to bring interest to your setting.   

Teak timber is one to be adorned, honour its ageing characteristics for a sense of luxurious warmth and familiarity within the home. 

'Mixing my favourite vintage furniture with more contemporary pieces is my style!'

Indulge in the deep brown hues and intricate grain patterns of vintage timber, welcome the signs of design history that vintage furniture can bring to your space. Deeper timbers such as mahogany, walnut and rosewood bring a sense of depth and opulence to your interior.  

Enjoy mixing vintage furniture together with modern elements to establish an accessible sense of luxury. Draw inspiration from your travels and treasured pieces in your home, to style together to create a unique aesthetics and energy, individual to you. 

Cherish the character and embrace the unique imperfections of vintage furniture. Investing in vintage furniture is like artwork, it will always add value to your space. 

For a space that is effortless and always at ease, be curious and enjoy the art of mixing timber and watch your space come to life.

Photos: Nathan Tribble