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We had the pleasure of sitting down with Elise Pioch Balzac, the Founder and Creative behind Maison Balzac. Elise shares her journey and nostalgic inspiration behind the brand as we talk all things business, motherhood and her gorgeous daughter Loulou. Join us as we delve into the world of Maison Balzac.

 Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a French creative based in Sydney who made her dream life come true.

What inspired you to create Maison Balzac?

It’s out of nostalgia for my happy childhood in the south of France that I decided to start Maison Balzac. I had been in Australia for 8 years and was missing my family and homeland so much that I recreated my favorite scent. It was a way to surround myself with the familiar memories of my life in France.

The business started from candles, what led you to create hand blown glassware?  

The perfumed candles were actually hand poured in hand blown opaline glasses, so I had sourced a perfumer and a glass blower from the very beginning! I wanted the vessels to be unique and easily recognisable. I remember vividly wanting people to know it was a MB candle without looking at the label, just from the thin, elegant, white glass vessel. Then I decided to use our signature glasses as drinking gobelets with a matching carafe. The rest is history!

Has motherhood changed the way you do business?

Yes, absolutely. Motherhood has added an extra layer of empathy, humanity and kindness to the way I do business. Loulou is also my best adviser. I run pretty much everything past her because she always comes up with the most honest and pure answers!

What’s the best motherhood advice you’ve been given?  

Don’t wake up a sleeping baby.

We are so lucky to stock Maison Balzac within our CLO Boutique. What are some of your must have pieces for your home?  

I am so lucky to have a selection of our collection at CLO! We truly admire your vision and aesthetic. The love is mutual. For my home I love using the Pomponette Vase to hold all my cooking utensils in my kitchen (wooden spoons, etc). I cannot have a single day without lighting a La Chapelle Incense stick and I’m thoroughly enjoying my new Pomponette Carafe! My forever hero though is our recycled marble snail which is an incense holder. His antennas are incense sticks and it brings a smile to my face every time my eyes see him.

What are you looking forward to this Mother’s Day?

I’m sure that Loulou is preparing a cute card with heartfelt words and a drawing; I can’t wait to discover it!

What would you gift a mother in your life?  

I would prepare a delicious meal, display fresh flowers, make sure to bring up good memories, laugh, hug, kiss and remember the day forever.

What is the next step for Maison Balzac, do you have a new collection coming up?  

Oh yes, we do! We have 3 mini collections coming up this year: in July, August and September. As you know we specialise in party glasses, so we are bringing lots of new ones out in the lead up to the festive season. Expect the unexpected!

Portrait and Studio photos: Peter Van Alphen

Melbourne store: Amelia Stanwix

Sydney store: David Wheeler