Schneid Studio

Unison Ceramic Big Bowl

The Unison set is a carefully handcrafted ceramic tableware collection that puts your favourite food in a perfect limelight. The collection consists of seven differentpieces, each of which is dyed with pigments of refinedsubdued tones. By leaving the outer surface untreated and raw, the pieces get a soft tactile feel while the inside is glazed and shiny, enhancing a visual contrast of the tableware. Through a clear and graphical language, the parts can be stacked into each other to form a sculptural object, bringing a new perspective on simple everyday products.

Dimensions: 19 x 6.7 cm

Design Year2016
DesignerJulia Jessen
Awards German Design Award 2017 'Winner'
ColorYellow, Coral, Cinnamon, Baby Blue
FeaturesThis tableware set includes 6 different pieces that are handmade in a local workshop. The inside is glazed; the outer surface is untreated. All elements are stackable to form a striking and artful object. 
Delivery content Unison soup bowl
Handmade in Germany