CLO Studios

Tuareg Mat

The ‘marrakesh’ collection is a curation of pieces from Morocco that have ventured across the sea to our Noosa Heads studio. Possessing a traditional perspective that is incredibly rich in narrative, the CLO marrakesh collection evokes a sense of place, authentic Moroccan pieces crafted to be adorned in your space.

Tureg rugs are incredible handwoven pieces of art that add versatility, authenticity and beauty to your home.  Woven by the Tuareg people of North-West Africa, Tuareg mats are handmade with reed and decorated with leather and are incredibly durable. 

Dimensions: 2290 x 3060

Care instructions 

Wipe off the dust with a soft dry cloth. For a more thorough clean every once in a while, wipe your mat with a soft cloth lightly soaked in vegetable oil. This will help to clean, protect and add shine.