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Thibault Vase

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Inspired by ornaments found in the architecture of ancient Greece and Rome, the Thibault Vase is a statement object to add warmth to your interior space. Its form is informed by traditional Tunisian pottery techniques and the iconic plant of Mediterranean culture, the acanthus. In the Greek mythology, the nymph Acanthus refused the god Apollo, and in revenge was turned into a plant.

Please note the Thibault Vase is not water tight and is to be used for decorative purposes only.


Materials – Clay
Dimensions – 29 x 15cm (DiaxH)

Handmade in Tunisia, Africa. Each Tinja item is handmade, making each piece unique. Slight variation in size and form may occur from the images and dimensions.

A home is made up of furniture and objects responding to a function. However, certain objects are there to speak to us, to tell us about a gesture, a person, a story, an intention, and an emotion. Tinja’s creative and personal universe brings together timeless, pure, and inspired pieces.

Berber, Phoenician, Roman, Germanic, Ottoman and French. Those are the many influences and cultures that Tunisia has known throughout its history. The creative intention of Tinja, carried by its creator Yasmine Sfar, intentionally chooses to put forms, materials, and know-how in dialogue. Giving rise to a collection of objects with a refined aesthetic and sensual touch.

Recommended for indoor use only. Use a clean, dry cloth to clean as necessary.

The Thibault Vase is not water tight. We recommend placing a watertight vessel inside the vase to display fresh florals.

Please visit our care guide for more information on how to care for your piece.

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