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Pãn Pottery

Tequila Mezcal Jar

All Pãn Pottery pots are handmade by Angus McDiarmid using a traditional wood fire kiln, kick wheel and hand dug local clays. Each pot is completely unique as the clay and fire decide the finish of the pot.

The Mezcal Jars are the traditional terracotta forms that the Mexicans used to make the spirit in. They feature prominently in recent times in the courtyards and gardens of revered Architect Luis Barragan homes. Barragan used them to connect the home to the earth and always placed them in groups.
They are thrown in coiled sections on a kick wheel and fired in my wood fire kiln at Lake Weyba for 26 hours to a temperature of around 1,050 degrees celsius.
The terracotta clay is dug straight from the ground and is completely unrefined, traditionally this clay was used for terracotta bricks.

Angus McDiarmid fell in love with these pots through Barragan's houses, traditionally in the west the shoulders of a pot are more pronounced than the hips. The form was dictated due to the function of the pot to assist in fermentation and create the most delicious Mezcal.


Dimensions: 430 x 710mm (DiaxH)


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