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Tamegroute Urchin Vase

Tamegroute is a small town on the edge of the Sahara Desert that carries a rich and vibrant history. The signature Tamgeroute ceramics in green and ochre are authentic to this region, each piece is made by hand and spun on a wheel. The vibrant green colour is made from a glaze that consists of manganese, silicon, and copper. When the copper is replaced with iron oxide this is when the ochre colour is produced.

No two pieces are the same, every single ceramic carries its own colouration and unique characteristics. The Tamegroute ceramics are hand selected in Morocco by CLO Studios.  

Please note the Tamegroute item photographed is an example the product, they are all unique, please contact us before purchasing to select a specific item.

Dimensions: 120  x 220 (DiaxH) 

Colour: Ochre