Percival Candle Holders

Berber, Phoenician, Roman, Germanic, Ottoman and French. Those are the many influences and cultures that Tunisia has known throughout its history. Its strategic location in the centre of the Mediterranean makes it an essential stopover for traders and travellers worldwide. As a result, the country has inherited a rich diversity of craft skills that continues to be transmitted generation after generation.

Tinja’s creative and personal universe brings together timeless, pure, and inspired pieces. The creative intention of the brand, carried by its creator Yasmin Sfar, intentionally chooses to put forms, materials, and know-how in dialogue. Giving rise to a collection of objects with a refined aesthetic and sensual touch.

A home is made up of furniture and objects responding to a function. This functionality primarily relates to use and ergonomics. However, certain objects are there to speak to us, to tell us about a gesture, a person, a story, an intention, and an emotion.


Top of candle holder 3-4cm 

Bottom of candle holder 5-7cm

Material: Clay

Care instructions: Use a clean soft damp cloth or mild soap to clean if necessary.

Please note the Percival Candle Holders are sold in sets of 2.