Hamimi Design

Joosh Pendant

On the road to the Atlas Mountains at the far reach of Marrakech rests a humble village where a small community of women handcraft the Joosh crochet pendant lights in their homes. Crochet is a craft passed on through generations of women in this village. They typically crochet blankets and clothing for their own use, as well as scull caps, called taqiyah, that are worn by many Moroccan men.  

To reflect their origin, the sculptural shapes of the Malika pendants are inspired by objects used in daily Moroccan life, like tagines, baskets and pots. 

Each crochet pendant is handmade using silky viscose 'kitan' thread, a textile traditionally used to embellish Moroccan Kaftans. 


Small - 300 x 350 (DxH)

Medium - 420 x 500 (DxH)

Large - 500 x 600 (DxH)

Material: Viscose 'kitan' thread