Isobel Badin

Item 6.5 - Magnolia

Large, half moon embroided, flower frill tote bag.

Named after French botanist Pierre Magnol, Magnolia is an ancient variety appearing before bees did. Thus the flowers are theorized to have evolved to encourage pollination by beetles. Fossilised specimens of the Magnolia flower have been found to date back to 20 million years ago, and plant species identifiably belonging to the Magnolia family date to 95 million years ago. To avoid damage from pollinating bees, the carpel of the flowers are extremely tough. Descending from east and southeast Asia, due to its incredibly historic existence, this ancient genus has managed to survive incredible geological change like ice ages, mountain formations and continental drift.

MAGNOLIA features a half moon embellished front patch covered in beading of White Coral, Pink Coral, Bone, Peruvian Pink Opal and Bleached Howlite. She also has 3 intricately detailed stripes running down the front, each stripe braided, lined with embellishments and trimmed with a contrast linen frill. The outside of the bag is also trimmed with the PETAL signature structured flower frill, each petal topped with drops of hand embellished White Coral and Pink Quartz beads - like delicate glistening raindrops after a sun shower. It also has crisp white linen bows protruding from the top, attaching brass hardware rings for a neon pink shoulder strap to join to. The bag also features our hand painted, customised PETAL silk scarf, floating down from the hardware rings. The inside is finished with a crisp white linen lining and the Petal signature stripe pocket made from both silk and linen stripe panels, and our branded Lucid label.
Designed and Hand Crafted in Australia by Isobel Badin.

- white linen base
- pink, red, nude and white bead detailing
- contrast pink and white linen flower frills over the bag
- multi hued pink braiding in mid, dark and neon pink
- deep red embroidery thread layered over the braiding
- crisp white linen ties
- brass hardware rings
- white swivel clasp & neon pink shoulder strap
- soft pink/lilac linen lining
- internal pocket made from our PETAL signature striped fabrication from  pink, red, orange and nude strips
- neon pink lucid branded label
- multi hued pink, red, nude and white hand painted, custom designed silk scarf

- linen base
- beading in Pink Coral, White Coral, Rose Quartz, Bone, Peruvian Pink Opal, Bleached Howlite, and dyed red Timber beads
- white linen flower frill and linen ties
- contrast pink linen-silk flower frill
- pink Coral and Rose Quartz raindrop beading
- linen lining and contrast pocket from panels of linen and silk
- brass hardware rings
- poly swivel clasp
- nylon carry strap
- lucid branded label
- 100% silk scarf

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