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Agnes B: The Snap Cardigan

In the gardens of the Palace of Versailles there stands a statue of Jean-Baptiste de La Quintinie, the creator and director of the royal fruit and vegetable gardens; in 1979, inspired by the waistcoat of this great man, with its orderly line of buttons down the front, Versailles-born fashion designer Agnes b. re-imagined the garment in cotton fleece, and the iconic snap cardigan was born. A soft and easy-going garment, the snap cardigan immediately took off, becoming a soaring success and conquering the world. Everyone - women, men, and children - can wear this garment and make it their own, as the images in this book illustrate. Featuring a witty, whimsical text by award-winning French journalist Sophie Fontanel, this Memoire volume celebrates 40 years of the snap cardigan, which has become the emblematic piece of the Agnes b. fashion house. Since its creation, the snap cardigan has never stopped evolving - long and short, in cotton fleece or in leather, as a long dress, with a high collar or a simple round neckline, in a wide range of colours, polka dots, or stripes. With its minimalist look and straight cut, it complements every style and personality. Now established in the very select club of universal wardrobe essentials, the snap cardigan has never faded into invisibility - wherever it is seen, it is always noticed. And it says something about those who wear it: that in the end, we all have a soft side, that we all need a little tenderness.