Please contact CLO before pre-ordering to confirm when items will be arriving.

For all pre-orders there is a lead time. This lead time will vary for most items depending on what manufacturing schedules look like.

Please note: Once your pre-order is made, we cannot offer a refund due to the below circumstances. As each item is made to order. 

In the unlikely event that your item arrives in the wrong size/colour or misses the shipment you will be notified and the longest you will wait for a replacement will be a maximum of 14 weeks.In the seldom event the shipment is delayed impacted by weather, customs processing and shipping authorities. Such events are outside our control and we are unable to expedite individual order refunds. 

Delivery time to customers depend on the item purchased (large items are moved via specialised companies and subject to their schedules), your location and other such factors. Due to this, we are unable to provide exact delivery dates but can give you an estimated timeframe.  Usually 1-2 weeks from the time your order is ready to be dispatched from our warehouse. 

We will be in contact with you once your order is ready to be dispatched from our warehouse. All shipping needs to be paid in full before we can book the removals/courier to collect your order. This will be organised at a later date.

If you have any questions, please contact us at