Maison Balzac

Chandelles Tapered Candle

Set of four Smoke Tapered Candles, call them "Chandelle".

These candles are hand-poured on the island of Java in Indonesia. They are made to illuminate your days and your nights when the light of the sun and moon is not bright enough.

 Colour: Smoke

  • Size: 25cm long, 9.84"
  • Approx 9 hours burn time each
  • 100% plant-based stearin wax with cotton wick (wax RSPO certified).
  • place on a heatproof, nonflammable base while burning | keep away from draughts | keep out of reach of children and pets | do not leave the candles unattended | blow out candle before flame reaches 2cm from base 
  • these candles are manually poured; they come with imperfections left by the hands who created them and their colors may vary from one Chandelle to another. 
  • These candles are dripless if kept away from draughts.