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Terracotta Amphora 01

All Pãn Pottery is hand made by Angus McDiarmid using a traditional wood fire kiln, kick wheel and hand dug local clays. Each amphora is unique as the clay and fire decide the finish.

The Amphoras have an ancient history and feature in so many countries. The functional form allows them to be used for making wine, storing olive oil and even grain.

They are thrown in coiled sections on a kick wheel and fired in my wood fire kiln at Lake Weyba for 26 hours to a temperature of around 1,050 degrees celsius.The terracotta clay is dug straight from the ground and is completely unrefined, traditionally this clay was used for terracotta bricks.

"I love the connection of knowing these pots have been made for thousands of years in the exact same method that I continue today. I like the Mediterranean feel they bring to the home and a reminder that not so long ago these were the domestic utensils used by so many."

— Angus McDiarmid