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My Morning Was Pink


Oil/Collage/Cotton rag/Acrylic & Charcoal on canvas 
105 x 165 cm 
Tasmanian Oak frame

This piece ,following on from My Morning Was Pink #1, is collaged using the limited edition print of the first. The initial painting was in response to a favourite daily walk at Lake Weyba, sometimes nearer town, and of late further from town, on the shore where the majestic Sentinel tree lazily drops to waters edge, delighting every first time visitor. Early autumn mornings are the best time where the dawn sun reaches down and tints the lake, the trees, the grass with a magic soft pink. Every branch, every leaf, every turn in the path is a moment full to overflowing for me as my senses drink in the magic of this sacred place where the Gubbi Gubbi tribe fished and hunted.

“Peace of mind, serenity of spirt
the natural world where every moment is full
Along the soft trails”